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World's first Online Gold Tool appraises any Gold Jewelry
The world's best jewelry gold value estimator.

World's first Online Gold Tool appraises any Gold Jewelry By STEVE AUSTIN, 2009/12/15

Gold-quote.net released today a 'Gold Value Estimator', in the form of an online tool or "web widget" that enables visitors to know the correct value of their gold jewelry. This free widget can be installed on any webpage, including Blogger pages, and even on a basic Google homepage. A Facebook version will soon be available.

Determining the price of gold has never been easier. If the weight of the gold and the karat information are keyed in, the program gives the fair market value using current gold price on Wall Street.

Gold prices are breaking records every day, and there are many who want to use this opportunity and cash in on their old jewelry. What prompted Gold-Quote.net to develop this program is twofold. Firstly, there are many 'cash for gold' operations or 'gold parties' being organized where individuals are scammed and only get paid a fraction of their gold jewelry's fair market value. Secondly, the gold prices varies wildly on a daily basis and the only safe way to know the current gold price in online on reputable gold sites such as http://www.gold-quote.net. So, the dilemma arises of whom to trust and when to sell. This "Gold Value Estimator" program released by Gold-Quote.net puts an end to both the dilemmas.

If one is planning to buy new jewelry this Christmas season, the value of this jewelry's gold content can be checked with the widget before making the purchase. Placing the widget on your Google home page saves valuable time too.

And what's more, this specifically designed program has been developed keeping the user - you in mind. Not only is it user-friendly, it is also absolutely free. The widget is free of spam or malware and can be embedded in any webpage. Instructions and an online installer are available at: http://gold-quote.net/widgets/gold-price-estimator/

You can also simply use the widget below right away directly.

About Gold-quote.net: Gold-quote.net is a premium website offering quality rarticles, research and online tools related to the price of gold - for free. For additional information on Gold Value Estimator' widget, email contact gold-quote.net or visit www.gold-quote.net

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